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Best Price Ridgid Shop Vacs-Wet/Dry Vacs

Ridgid shop vacs have been providing wet/dry vacuums for professionals, businesses and for commercial use since 1965. You can count on the best wet/dry Ridgid vacs for your most demanding industrial cleaning jobs. There is a wet/dry vacuum model for your business in whatever industry you may be with Ridgid shop vacs.


Why do more and more industries prefer to use Ridgid shop vacs? Here are some of the reasons why:


1. Ridgid wet/dry vacs are built to perform better than any other wet/dry vac brands. Vacuums have innovative designs that can fit any type of industry. You can choose from a portable wet.dry vac to a tough vacuum that is simply wheeled to the job site. Strong large wheels are attached to the system itself plus a push cart design for easy transport and set up anywhere.


2. Wet/dry vacuums are often judged by the power they deliver. You can rely on Ridgid shop vacs to have a reliable heavy duty motor that can withstand any tough jobs at the workplace. Standard wet/dry vacuums offer 11.5 Amp motor which drives two blowers to optimize suction power.


3. With a patented Scroll Noise Reduction Technology®, Ridgid vacuums guarantee quiet operation.


4. Most Ridgid vacs have a Quick Release Accessory Storage Bag that is easy to remove from the unit to be emptied after the job is done.


5. Most Ridgid shop vacs have large drums that allow you to remove large spills and debris without the need to empty the vacuum time and again. Large 14 gallon or more vacuums saves you time and effort to clean messes, with a huge tank, you also need one vacuum unit to get the job done.


6. All industrial type wet/dry vacuums from Ridgid has a built-in drain located at the lowest point of the drum itself to empty gallons of water easily, no more lifting and straining.


7. Vacuums have a powerful airstream that can be directed to the vac hose to serve as a blower. It can also dry floors as quickly as it can to complete cleaning jobs at once.


8. Comes with complete accessories like extension wands, locking hoses, brushes, squeegees, carpet nozzles, crevice cleaning tool, fine dust filters, claw nozzles and more. Each Ridgid vacuum is different but with accessories and parts that are replaceable.


9. When safety and health are of utmost importance, you can choose a Ridgid vacuum with a certified HEPA filtration feature. Will guarantee cleaning and vacuum efficiency up to the smallest debris, pollen and dust mite feces to prevent allergy and asthma triggers in the workplace and even at home.


So whether you are looking for a convenient 3 gallon portable wet/dry vacuum for your small or medium sized business or you are shopping for a large 14 to 16 gallon high performance vacuum and blower in one, Ridgid has a the answer for you. You can find the best wet/dry Rigdid vacs in Ridgid retailers all around the world. If you prefer to shop safely online, you can visit Ridgid’s online vendors for complete models, tools and parts for your vacuum needs.




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