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Industrial Shop Vacs

Best Price Industrial Shop Vac Deals

What’s the difference between an industrial Shop-Vac from the usual vacuum cleaner at home? Can you use an ordinary vacuum for industrial use? Technically, there is no difference between an industrial vacuum from a regular vacuum cleaner; both serve their purpose as a wet or dry vacuum cleaner and can clean up any dirty space. With the current innovations in vacuum cleaner technology, some home vacuum cleaners can function as well as an industrial wet/dry vac. Some home vacuum models may remove water with a large tank capacity while others double as a blower to finish up cleaning wet floors.


But industrial type vacuum cleaners, especially industrial Shop-Vac models are built to last severe industrial and outdoor use. It is more than regular vacuum cleaner it is an industrial wet/dry vac with improved functions that will make it survive the rigors of every day industrial cleaning demands. Now, can a home vacuum cleaner do that?

Here are some of the many reasons why industrial Shop-Vac series are the pride of every industrial cleaner. Check out the amazing functions that make Shop-Vac industrial vacuums stand out:


1. Industrial vacuums from Shop-Vac have larger tank capacities to hold more dirt, grime and even liquids. Most can hold more than 5 to 8 gallons but the largest has a tank size of 55 gallons!

2. A powerful and more efficient motor at 4.0 to 6.5 peak horse power; strong but most are whisper quiet. You have to constantly check them out if they are working.

3. All industrial wet/dry vacs include high quality cartridge filters, with either disposable or reusable collection filter bags. All included filters can be conveniently bought at all Shop-Vac retailers.

4. Accessories may vary from one industrial vacuum to another but most have fully replaceable accessories like extension wands, wet/dry nozzles, crevice tool, brushes, hose holders, accessory baskets and many more. Most accessories may be bought individually at any Shop-Vac retailers.

5. Industrial vacuums from Shop-Vacs have the longest power cords ever with 18 feet. No more using dangerous power strips and extension cords to reach distant areas.

6. Some industrial vacuum models are built to last tough industrial and commercial jobs with a tough metal tool and epoxy coated steel tank. Perfect for wet or dry applications in almost any type of industry.

7. Most Shop-Vacs industrial models are available with 1 year warranty. You can also register you new Shop-Vac vacuum at their official site to get promos and discounts on your next purchase.

8. Industrial Shop-Vacs are available in most stores and online shops. You can conveniently shop for an industrial type vacuum at home here to get the best industrial Shop-Vac deals.

So whether you are looking for a vacuum to clean, for wet and dry pick up as well as to last for years upon years of industrial and commercial use then a Shop-Vac industrial vacuum is for you. No other brand can outperform industrial vacuums better than Shop Vac so find your industrial Shop-Vac series model today.



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